In early May, Camp Fatima held its first Spring Adult Weekend of 2022 at Baptist Camp Lebanon. Twenty-two campers joined our volunteer staff members for three days of overflowing Fatimagic! The weather was a bit unfriendly, but that was easily overcome as everybody gathered for challenging games, crafts and activities all weekend long.

The second session of the season took place two weeks later, with an abundant sunshine, 15 campers and our volunteers working and playing together. In fact, there was so much sunshine that an Adult Weekend Fatima-first happened with a heat-busting pool party!

The theme of both weekends was Camp Fatima Bugs Out, so our insect friends played a role in all our activities. We built jitter-bugs, planted flowers, played charades, balloon bug badminton and many other games, all while collecting pieces to build our own Cootie Bugs.

Mealtimes in the dining hall and flag raising at the flag pole were filled with songs as was the wonderful campfire we shared one night. And of course, we partied hard at our disco dance party! All in all, it was a wonderful time to be all together again this year this year, and we look forward to seeing more of you this summer and at the fall Adult Weekend sessions!

Keep an eye out for Fall Adult Weekend applications this summer!