Adult Weekends


All people need a place.


Small Groups

Campers and volunteers get split into small groups for our activity station rotations. Small group activities often include fun arts and crafts projects, music and movement events to wake everyone up, and games to bring out everyone’s competitive side! These small groups are a great way to form initial friendships and get to know the other participants!

1:1 Interaction

Throughout the day, campers and volunteers have tons of opportunities to engage one-on-one with each other. Our weekends encourage everyone to participate at their desired level. Whether campers and counselors are in the cabins/villages, traveling to new events, or relaxing for rest hour, one-on-one conversations are happening all the time! 

Large Groups

For a few of the activities, volunteers and campers join up into larger teams, which help everyone meet and engage with more people! Large group activities are often for our main events, which vary every weekend, but has previously included talent shows, carnivals, and more!

Full Program

Our weekend participants can expect to join in a few camp classics as a whole group! Full program activities include flag raising to start the day, mealtimes, and our special evening activities which have previously included campfires, a camp dance, movie nights, and more!


Camp Fatima’s picturesque setting is a sprawling and open 110-acre campus with a combination of grassy playing fields, shaded outdoor areas, rolling hills and indoor space. Each activity area, including an outdoor pool, boating and fishing lake, arts and crafts barn and multi-purpose recreation building are adapted for campers and staff with access and functional needs. Cabins are situated in village settings, each with a bathhouse for male and female campers. Dining options include indoor or outdoor seating.

Adult Weekend Gallery

Adult Weekend Application

Applications for the Fall Weekends are now open! 

Fall Adult Weekend 1: September 20-22 & Fall Adult Weekend 2: October 11-13

Camper applications are due by August 1st & Volunteer applications are due August 31st.

Applications must be at 100% to be considered complete. 

Applications for Spring 2025 will be available in February 2025. 

Prospective campers and volunteers: a link will be available below when application are active. When active, click the link below to register for CampDoc and complete the application. You do not have to complete the application in one sitting.

 If you have any questions, please email:

Adult Weekend Program Participant FAQ

How old does my camper have to be to attend a Weekend? What is the typical age range of campers in attendance?

Adult Weekend campers must be 21 or older with at least a two-year gap from your last attendance at Summer Camp. Our Weekend campers range in age from 21 to 70+.

What is the application process?

You must first register with our online application platform, CampDoc. Then select the program(s) you are interested in attending and fill out all required information. Only completed applications will be reviewed after the deadline. Applications are complete when they show a progress status of 100%. You may be contacted by the directing team for an interview. Please monitor the email you registered with for an update on your camper’s application status. A link to our applications is available above, when active.

Where are the Weekend programs held?

Currently Weekend programs are held at the Baptist Camp & Conference Center in Lebanon, NJ. We are not affiliated with the church, but we rent the gorgeous sprawling campsite every year for our weekends. Lebanon is in the western central part of New Jersey and can be accessed by major roads.

It is a large and accessible campsite with plenty of grass and many hills. See the attached map of the campground and feel free to look at their website for more specific information at 

How long is the Weekend program?

Campers arrive Friday evening after dinner and stay through Sunday mid-morning.

Will my camper be matched with a volunteer at a Weekend?

Adult campers are not matched with an individual counselor. The program operates in small groups of campers and volunteers. Our volunteer to camper ratio is always greater than 1:1.

My camper has a particular diagnosis or disability. Will there be other campers like them at the Weekend? 

Camp is unique as we accept adults with a range of disabilities. We encourage all adults with disabilities to apply to Camp Fatima. If you have questions that are specific to your diagnoses, classifications, or disabilities, please reach out to the Directors for more information. You can find the emails for the directors on the application portal.

My camper has friends also attending the Weekend. Can they bunk together?

Possibly! We evaluate based on the needs of all campers and volunteers and then decide if we can accommodate bunk requests.

My camper needs assistance with toileting. Can they come to a Weekend?

Yes. Please be sure to indicate their care needs clearly on their application so we can best prepare. 

My camper is non-verbal. Can they come to a Weekend?

Yes. Please be sure to share any type of communication strategies or abilities they may have in their application that can assist our staff. 

My camper isn’t ambulatory. Can they come to a Weekend? 

Yes. We will assess your camper’s needs to ensure we have the proper accommodations available for them.

My camper has dietary restrictions/allergies. How are meals managed at the Weekend?

Please document all dietary restrictions or allergies on your camper’s application. We have an assigned Special Diets liaison who is responsible for managing all camper dietary restrictions & allergies. Staff will be briefed before the camper arrives if there are any allergies or restrictions. If a camper eats specific foods, we ask you to note that in the application and bring those foods on the first day of the Weekend.

What is a typical Weekend schedule?

Our weekends begin with an energy filled welcome evening activity on Friday night. Saturday is jam packed from morning wake ups, to breakfast & singing some flagpole favorites! Next, we typically transition into group rotations with a variety of arts and crafts, movement & music activities. We enjoy lunch followed by a much-needed rest time before heading to our main activity. We enjoy a hearty dinner before we head to dance the night away at our Fatima dance party. We enjoy breakfast and some more Fatimagic around the flagpole before Sunday morning pick-ups.

How many campers attend a Weekend?

Campers are eligible to apply & attend up to one weekend each season. Each season we offer two weekend experiences where we hope to accept anywhere from 20-30 campers. However, our selection process is directly dependent on the strengths, experience & quantity of our volunteer population for each respective weekend.

Is transportation to the Weekend program provided?

Transportation to the Weekend program is not available.

What type of training do the volunteers have?

Our volunteers come from a wide range of backgrounds including high schoolers fulfilling service requirements to artists, executives, attorneys and special educators. Some of our staff is bilingual, certified in ABA, American Sign Language, lifeguarding, and more. Volunteers are utilized where their strengths and abilities best serve the needs of our campers and programming. All volunteers receive general training prior to the start of the program. Training includes rules, safety procedures, volunteer expectations, and a review of all camper needs. 

What kind of medical support/care is provided at a Weekend?

Our Adult Weekend programs have an assigned Infirmary Director who is responsible for medication distribution & medical care throughout our program.

Can my camper attend all four Weekends?

Campers are eligible to attend up to one weekend each season for a maximum of two weekends a year. Each season we offer two weekend experiences that run nearly identical programs. Campers are welcome to apply to all four sessions but would only be potentially accepted to a maximum of two weekends a year.

My camper has been to a Weekend or Summer Camp in the past, why weren’t they accepted this time?

Our selection process each season is directly dependent on the strengths, experience & quantity of our volunteer population for each respective weekend. We actively assess our campers’ strengths, abilities & assistance needs to ensure we have the proper resources to provide them a memorable and safe experience.

What should I pack for my camper?

Comfortable clothing for two days as well as bedding (e.g, sheets, pillow, blanket/sleeping bag) and toiletries. All campers receive a detailed packing list with their acceptance notification.

Can parents observe or visit Camp?

Observations or visits by parents during the program are not allowed. We value our ability to give parents and caregivers a well-deserved weekend of respite.

The Camp Fatima Directors are available to you if you need an update during the weekend. You can stay updated with some of the events on our social media pages and your camper will come home with some great photos and treasures!

Adult Weekend Program Volunteer FAQ

Why should I volunteer at a Weekend?

There are so many reasons why you should volunteer! Here are just a few benefits to volunteers: 

  • You get to be a part of a community of compassionate, enthusiastic, hard-working, service-minded people. You can make life-long friends and connections! 
  • You obtain practical experience working and interacting with people who have disabilities. If you have never done so before, even the act of being exposed to this often-underrepresented population of people will expand your worldview, teach you about yourself, and help you become a more compassionate, thoughtful person.  
  • You’re providing valuable respite for the full-time caregivers of our campers. 

    What type of volunteers do you need at the Weekend programs

    We accept volunteers of all backgrounds! If you have an interest in public service or want to engage with individuals who have disabilities, you should think about applying! We are always in need of volunteers with medical or special education backgrounds.

    How old do you have to be to volunteer at a Weekend?

    You must be at least 16 years old to volunteer at Camp Fatima, with parental consent. There is no age limit for our volunteers!

    Where are the Weekends held?

    Currently Weekend programs are held at the Baptist Camp and Conference Center in Lebanon, NJ. Check out their website here. 

    When are the Weekends?

    Adult Weekends occur twice every fall and twice every spring, for a total of 4 weekends each year. Check the Adult Weekends page of the website for specific dates. 

    How many weekends can I volunteer for? 

    You can apply for and potentially attend all four weekends.

    What is the application process?

    All volunteers must register with our application platform, CampDoc. Then select the program(s) you are interested in attending and fill out all required information. Applications are complete when they show a status of 100%. Acceptances are not on a rolling basis. All applications are reviewed by staff after the deadline. After a review of all applications, you will be notified via email of your acceptance status. 

    Do I have to sleep at the Weekend program? 

    Yes, volunteers are expected to stay on the campsite for the duration of the program, which includes sleeping there overnight. 

    Can I volunteer for only part of Camp? 

    All volunteers are expected to stay for the entire duration of the Weekend program to best support our campers and general Camp operations. Exceptions may be made at the discretion of the Director if notice is given far in advance. However, preference will be given to volunteer applicants who intend to stay for the entire program.

    Can I get service hours for volunteering at a Weekend?

    Yes, by volunteering at one of our adult weekends, you can earn approximately 40 hours of community service that can be officially documented upon request.

    I’ve never worked with people with disabilities before. Will you train me? 

    Volunteers are required to attend an orientation before the program begins. All activities occur in a group setting and new volunteers will be grouped with veteran volunteers whenever possible.

    Is Camp religious?

    Camp Fatima of New Jersey is a non-denominational Camp. While it was modeled after a Camp that shares the same name and is associated with a group of Catholic Brothers, we are not affiliated with any religious entity.