Dear Camp Fatima Community,

There are several changes taking place on the Board of Directors which we want to advise you of. In early 2019 it was established by the previous board that the board size and structure should evolve in order to be more effective and nimble. The outcome of months of work was to establish a board consisting of five people, each with a defined area of responsibility. In addition it was agreed that for some positions we could fill the role with a person who has not previously been a volunteer. These changes were implemented in September 2019 with effect as of January 2020.  Click here to view the new structure.

With the new structure, we’ve had one open board position, which we’re now excited to announce we’ve filled.  Joan Lacagnina has been selected to join the board as the Long Term Planning Director. She’ll work to ensure we develop and execute plans to achieve our 3-5 year goals. She is the first non-volunteer to serve on the board. Joan currently is the Managing Director of Finance at KKR. Her professional experiences as well as having an “outside” perspective, make her an ideal candidate for this position. Over the last ten years, she has been involved with camp as a both a participant at the annual golf outing as well as a benefactor. Joan serves on other boards, including one which serves people with special needs.

At the same time, we’re saying thank you and good bye to Steve DeBlasio from the board. Steve has resigned due to time commitments he has in his professional and personal life. Steve has been a very valuable member of the board. Steve will continue to be active as a volunteer so we’ll still benefit from and rely on his many skills and experiences. With Steve’s resignation, we are now recruiting for his replacement as Board Programs Director. The job description of what this entails and the skill sets and experiences required is attached.

The ideal candidate will be someone who has been a longer term volunteer at adult weekends and/or summer camp .This could include “alumni” who are not currently an active volunteer. If you are interested in applying for this position and have the requisite experience and skills, please send your resume as well as a brief recap of your outside interests and relevant experiences to both the board chairperson and secretary at and respectively.