Attention, Camp Fatima!

Summer Camp 2023 will be here before you know it! With planning in full swing, we’d like to share our current 2023 Amazon Camp Wishlist with you for consideration. Our amazing staff-head volunteers have carefully curated the below Amazon Wish Lists to include everything we need to bring our 2023 programs to the next level for our campers!

As you know, our programs run entirely on the support of our generous benefactors and donors. We simply can’t create the #Fatimagic you know and love without your support. Not to mention, this is the perfect opportunity to give back if you’re no longer able to volunteer with us in-person!

Each wish list item has a shipping address to those respective staff, so no need to worry on items being delivered to you. All active wishlists can be found on our website or at the link below all year long. We will continue to refresh our active wishlists for our upcoming programs throughout the summer and fall.


Your support is appreciated more than you know!

Thank You.