To the Camp Fatima of NJ community:

For the last 18 months, the Board of Directors have been discussing the need to reorient the activities of the board as well as the structure of it. Starting from the perspective of One Camp, One Board, we have had consensus that the focus of the board had to be on a more macro issue basis and less on the day to day operational matters. There was also unanimity that the size of the board should be resized. As such, there were a series of workshops in 2019 to align on what are the roles and responsibilities of the board and its members, what were the core functional activities of a board and the competencies and skill set required of a board member per role.

The outcome of this work is to restructure to a board of five members, of which one will act as chair on a rotating annual basis. Effective January 1, 2020 the structure will be as follows:

The Board developed job descriptions for each role to ensure that the person in each role has the right skill sets and professional experiences for that position. It was also agreed upon that Camp Fatima could benefit from having a former volunteer (“alumni”) and or a qualified person who has never volunteered at Camp in one of these roles. As such there can now be up to two non-active volunteers on the board. An “active” member of Camp Fatima is defined as 2 years of direct service volunteering for camp within the last 5 years.  Board members will be recruited to serve in this capacity for a period of 5 years.

The day to day work of planning for and running each of the camp programs as well as the overall organization will be handled by various operating committees (much as it does today) working under the direction of and in coordination with the Board member for each functional area listed above. Committee members can be active volunteers, alumni or from outside the organization as long as they have the desire, time and capabilities to help on the respective committee.


The current board felt it was best to have existing board members be part of the new board for continuity purposes. Each member was given the opportunity to identify which board position they felt they had the background to be a candidate for. Resumes were presented for review. Some chose to not seek to continue to serve on the board. The entire board then voted on the candidates resulting in these board members per role:

Governance- Bill Malone

Long term Planning- Meghan Schneck

Marketing- Kevin Denman

Programs- Steve DeBlasio

Fundraising- open

As you all know, an essential need of Camp Fatima is fundraising. If you or someone you know has or has had professional experience in any form of fundraising, we ask you or them to consider applying for this board position. Please send a resume to for consideration.

If anyone would like to be on an operating committee falling under any of the 5 areas (governance, long term planning, marketing, programs, fundraising), also please contact us via

In support of the above changes, and in recognition that they have not been updated in quite some time, the by-laws have also been updated after being accepted unanimously by the existing board.

We take this time to thank the existing board members who are rotating off for their time and effort. We also thank the greater Camp Fatima community for your continued contribution of time, talents and treasures (stealing this phrase from Fr. Marty) in support of this great mission and organization. Best wishes for 2020.

Camp Fatima Board of Directors