Camp Fatima of New Jersey Summer 2020 – COVID-19 Status Update

Camp Fatima of New Jersey Summer 2020 – COVID-19 Status Update

Dear Camp Fatima,

As an organization, the well-being of our campers and volunteers is our number-one priority. After careful consideration and in heeding the advice of medical professionals and state government, it is with a heavy heart that we must cancel Camp Fatima of New Jersey’s 2020 summer programming.

We assure you that this was not an easy decision. Our responsibility to ensure the safety of our community is paramount, and the evolving nature of COVID-19 in the state of New Jersey would likely have made this cancellation inevitable. Nevertheless, we are heartbroken to have to report this news.

As you know, current CDC guidelines call for a six-foot social distance to slow the spread of the virus. For an organization like ours, where we are never more than an arm’s length away, we simply cannot operate. Our longtime campsite is unable to accommodate these restrictions and has made the decision to suspend all their summer services, as well.

Please note, we will continue to monitor the situation and reassess the status of our Fall Adult Weekend schedule as more information becomes available. We hope that by that point we will be past the worst of this crisis and may safely gather again.

We are actively brainstorming and planning ways to keep the Fatimagic alive this summer. Kindly note, the Board would like to extend an additional year of application eligibility to all campers whose last opportunity to attend Summer Camp would have been 2020. We encourage them to apply to Summer Camp 2021.

In the meantime, Fatima Family, we implore you to keep the faith. Although we are not able to embrace each other this August, we hope you are able to find comfort in the memories and friendships you have made at Camp Fatima of New Jersey throughout the years.

Thank you for your understanding. We wish you and your families the best during this difficult time.

With Love and Fatimagic,

Camp Fatima of New Jersey Board of Directors

Please direct all questions to: [email protected]